Homelands specialise in Mental Health and Dementia and have done for many years.  Dementia is sadly a growing element in society and whilst there is a lot of research into managing and hopefully one day finding a cure this condition can be traumatic for both the person concerned and their friends and family.

We have signed the Dementia Pledge and actively uphold all its values.  We have fund raising events and promote awareness and understanding of Dementia.  It is not something to be scared of, but it needs to be understood.  At Homelands our highly skilled care team aim to help both residents and their families to understand the demands of the disease and what can be done to alleviate symptoms and so maximise the persons quality of life by minimising the stressor’s and enhancing memory. 

We promote a stimulating environment where everyone working in Homelands has an understanding of Dementia and a shared desire to continuously improve the lives of sufferers.  Our intensive training programmes ensure all staff are kept fully updated on all aspects of care including the ever increasing knowledge on how to support those with Dementia.

With all our residents we have a person centred care objective.  Each person is an individual and in such have greatly differing needs.  This applies to both those suffering with Dementia and those who are not.  At Homelands we ensure that all our care staff know all the residents and their life stories.  This greatly aids us in giving the care and support to each person so giving them more fulfilling lives because they are engaged in activities that are meaningful to them personally.  For example simple things like baking a recipe they remember from childhood, listening to the music they danced to at their wedding, taking the time to talk and reminisce about family and friends.

We also understand that a person’s mental capacity can fluctuate from hour to hour, day to day and through in depth understanding of each person care and support is tailored accordingly but in a manner that maintains the highest level of dignity and independence at all times.  We understand that Dementia can be a frustrating, anxious and lonely time not only for the individual but the family and friends around them.  Dementia can often make people feel like they are losing pieces of themselves; at Homelands we strive to offer the time, experience and understanding to help put the pieces back together, minimising any anxieties along the way.  Homeland’s prides itself on working with both the individual and loved ones to ensure that their sense of dignity and feelings of self-worth are retained.


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