Homelands run a comprehensive activities and social programme with both in house activities and excursions out to the local area. 

In House Activities

Our in house programme covers a vast range of activities to include cooking with the head chef, garden skittles, arts & crafts, board games, exercise sessions, DVD mornings, music therapy and memory activities specially designed for Dementia clients.

For those with a love of food we have our head chef giving baking lessons and it’s not just the ladies who enjoy this!  We not only incorporate recipes to ensure all can participate but also those recipes that individuals may have cooked themselves when they were younger or even had cooked for them in their childhood.  This is a wonderful way of promoting memories for not just those with Dementia but all our residents.  There is often nothing nicer than a meal that mum used to make.

Got a keen mind….. Not to worry we have many activities that will work the grey matter to include Scrabble, Chess, Hangman, Name that Song and various brain taxing puzzles. For those avid bookworms there is an assortment of books available along with frequent library trips and newspapers that can be delivered daily. No books to your taste, not a problem if there is a title that you would especially like, let our staff know and we can do our utmost to find it for you.

Want to relax….. We have DVD sessions, music and radio, and regular visits from a hairdresser who can pamper you in our on-site salon. Enjoy having a manicure or make the most of our visiting chiropodist to relieve those aching feet.

We partake in all celebratory events including Birthdays, Christmas, St Patricks Day, the Queens Birthday to name but a few, along with getting involved with national and world sporting events such as the World Cup, Tour De France and Wimbledon encouraging such activities as flag making for the world cup, choosing a team and cheering them on and don’t forget the strawberries and cream whilst watching Wimbledon.

There is also a computer station allowing residents to use computers whenever they wish to include playing games, writing letters or e-mails and surfing the net.  Many of our residents make use of this facility which is set in the quiet lounge and there are partitions to maintain privacy.

Excursions & Outings

Our excursions include weekly trips to beautiful Bognor Beach with ice creams and coffee, cinema trips complete with popcorn, pub lunches with pool and darts, crazy golf in the park, library trips and visits to the local bridge centre. There are trips to cater for everybody and those less able do not miss out as our highly qualified care team are dedicated to ensuring everyone can join in if they wish.

Personal Time

After all that you will need to relax and put your feet up.  Whilst the home is great for ensuring a social life, we also appreciate that alone time is also very important. 

Every resident can have their own television in their room so if watching the television with others is not your cup of tea, you can watch programmes on your television, read a book, listen to music or simply relax in the peace and quiet of your own room, complete with a cup of tea and biscuit.

Activities do not have to be all performed in a group, sometimes if you fancy a breakfast in the café, you can go (accompanied by a carer) and sit and read the paper over your bacon and eggs without the pressure of conversation or other residents.  We all sometimes want space from those we live with so at Homelands we understand that and do our utmost to ensure that those who like time without others get the opportunity.


When you arrive the room will be newly painted and deep cleaned so it is like new for your arrival.  We encourage all residents to bring personal items from books to bookcases to make the room their own.  We can even take paint colour requests to give it that bit more of a personal feel.

We have 20 rooms ranging in size, all with large windows from which to watch the world go by.  Some rooms overlook our garden that is decked out with neatly kept lawn, garden furniture and a smoking shelter for those residents who partake.

Every room has its own call bell so if you’re relaxing in your room and need assistance one of our team is only a ring away.  There is a lift to all floors so it is easy for all residents to come and go from their rooms as they please.


Our head chef is a wonder in the kitchen and provides a full range of meals catering for all dietary requirements and tastes.   Not only are meals cooked in house, but most of the cakes too so if you have a sweet tooth a slice of cake with afternoon tea is a must.

Getting tired of the menu or want something new… not a problem.  We always take guidance from our residents as to what meals they like, and if it’s not on the menu just ask our chef.  Sometimes we do give the chef a day off and then we have traditional fish and chips out of the wrapper like it is supposed to be, a pub lunch complete with a pint or even breakfast in the local café.

Our dining room is one of the sunniest parts of the home; overlooking the garden with patio doors that open up to let in the summer sunshine.  You can enjoy your meal whilst watching the birds in the garden, or even move into the garden to enjoy a snack or ice cream in the afternoon.

Visitors & Family

When you are with us, Homelands is YOUR HOME.  Therefore friends and family are welcome at any time.  They can come with you on outings; join you in the activities and even stay for a bite to eat.  We always welcome visitors of all ages.  Dogs are welcome as long as they are well behaved and are always well received by our residents and staff.  All we ask is consideration is taken when visiting as it is other people’s home too.

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