Our residents come in all shapes and sizes and so do our care packages.  Whatever your reason for coming to us, be it for a couple of hours or long term we pride ourselves on having an experienced and well lead care team who work to meet all individual needs and wishes.

Day Care

Our day care packages allow a chance for those who are living on their own and who are not in need of full time care to join in with our activity and social programme.  It allows individuals to come and relax while we make the meals, organise the activities and even assist them with some elements of personal care such as a bath.  Day visits can be for the whole day or part of it.  These day care options can give those living on their own a chance to socialise and get away from the housework for a while, or it can allow a carer a few hours off with the knowledge that their loved one is safe and cared for.

Long Term / Permanent Stay

At Homelands we have many residents who decide to make Homelands their permanent home and stay for many years.  We aim to provide a stable environment and changes are discussed with our residents to get their feedback.  It is after all their home.

Respite / Holiday Care

Carers going away for a week, or just fancy a change of scenery – come to Homelands for a short term stay.  Stays can be for the weekend, a week, a month or just over a holiday period.  Whilst full time care may not be needed sometimes if carers have a holiday or if a young family want to go away for a break it can be stressful worrying about a loved one having to cope on their own.  Let us take the worry away, a respite stay with us means you can relax on holiday and your loved one can enjoy a change of scenery and participate in the full service Homelands has to offer until you return.

Trial Period

Thinking about a care home and not sure what to do next? Come and try us out. There is no obligation to become permanent or to return, but a trial period at Homelands could give you an idea of what is on offer and what to expect should you make the move to a care home. We understand that it is a big adjustment for both the person and the family when considering the need for a care home. Let us help alleviate some of the worries and answer any questions you may have. A trial period may show you that you are ready to take the next step, or it may put to bed some of those worries should you need to consider a care home in the future. Best of all it may show you that at the moment you're doing well enough on your own, but it could open the possibilities of our respite or day care services so you get the best of both worlds.

Christmas at Homelands

Christmas can be a lonely time of year for some, but at Homelands we ensure that all our residents have every opportunity to take part in some or all Christmas activities.  If you live on your own, or have family who are away, Christmas can be lonely.  Let Homelands take care of Christmas.  Organise your stay with us over the holiday period and enjoy having all the fun of Christmas with all the trimmings but no need to lift a finger.  Our skilled chef has Christmas dinner all wrapped up and all our carers will go that extra mile to ensure you enjoy the true spirit of the holidays.  Christmas can be a hard time for family if you have to put your loved one into care, take some of the burden away as at Homelands we will ensure that ALL our residents feel welcome, at home, relaxed and most of all happy during their time with us.  If you don’t fancy staying then come for the day and have a festive roast dinner with all the trimmings.  Day care options are available over the festive period where you can come for lunch and enjoy a Christmas meal, stay for turkey leftovers and partake in some carol singing then go home to your own bed without having to do the dishes!

Convalescence / Recovery

Not ready for a care home, but need a hand after surgery or a hospital stay?  Why not come to Homelands for a short while until you are back on your feet.  Surgery can leave you exhausted and in need of a steadying hand.  At Homelands we can assist you with getting back on your feet by allowing you to rest while we take care of all the meals and chores.  The first few weeks recovery after an operation are vital to your wellbeing and our dedicated care team understand how to make you feel secure and make the speediest recovery possible whilst being safe in the knowledge that if you don’t feel well there is always someone there to help or even just to hold your hand.

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